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2 December 2011

Festive Hysteria

Here comes the crunch time. I apologise for the lack of cool visuals in the next wee while. I must explain my current situation. First of all the entire world embraces the festive season. In the run up to Christmas shops make 90% of their yearly profit and many people come down with the gift buying blues. But these fun things are not for me, no, no, no. Apart from the fact that most of the population of Dundee (including me) are suffering from one illness or the other, I have uni work to finish. I also work 3 days a week in this Christmas induced hysteria, which is always fun but leaves me absolutely exhausted. On top of all that I have to organise a flat move next week. So, caught up in this whirlwind of... things, I apologise once again for disappearing for a while.

In the meantime please let me show off my finished rig, all dusted and polished. All that is left now is to skin and animate!

Also my interaction is almost finished now. Just need to put in the buildings (which are already modelled but not textured), draw up collusion meshes and we're good to go. Oh and adding a few interactive things, like opening doors and light switches.

The main thing are the essays. There is only this daunting task of actually writing them out that is left. Fun times.

With that said, I'm away into my little hole to earn money, finish uni work and move house. Adios!

29 November 2011

It's alive!

With hair like mine at the moment and the copious amounts of caffeine consumed I'm going a little manic. But it is alive, even running. Enjoy!

Now only to render it all pretty and we're good to go!

I'm not going to put it in different posts. Instead I'll just update this one with prettier and prettier versions of the character. Hopefully we'll see the finished thing by the end of tonight.

Hurrah! And it's only half past one in the morning.

Enjoy! Beddy time now.

Screenwriting Scene 2 Storyboard

For some reason some of these don't show up on uni computers. Hopefully this isn't a problem now that I've reuploaded them.

28 November 2011

Our protagonist comes alive.

I've encountered some technical difficulties when attempting to do the sprite sheet for him. Firstly I'm not entirely sure how many frames we need for each animation. Do I need just the key frames or some in betweens as well? Or for example, what sort of frame rate are we talking about? Should I even worry about the frame rate?

In any case, here's an idle animation I quickly did in Photoshop the other day.

Any sort of feedback would be very useful right now.

Ta daaaa! :)

PS: Maybe tweak the edges a little, to remove the white outline.

26 November 2011

Welcome to My-UDK-project-stan

So I'm making some good progress on my Interactive Design map in UDK. I can finally do things and not feel like the software has a grudge against me. Good times.

Terragen didn't quite work as well as I'd hoped - as in, completely refused to export RAW hightmaps or anything even remotely similar to that. But I'm managing pretty well without it. The map turns out to be quite balanced as well, there you see the green rocks will be some Afghani style buildings. You can attack from three different positions, there is a possibility for a sniper where that big boulder is and a path around the back for the sneaky types. The village will have a mosque with a tall tower, which can be used as a watch tower, as well as some good machine gun nests. All nice and balanced for both teams.

Good morning to you all!

23 November 2011

Final Iteration

More character development for our game. Just occurred to me that we should probably come up with a name for it. At least a prototype name.

Lectures call! Peace.


Today I finally finished the storyboards for the animation. The rig still needs tweaking in places, but it should take an hour or two at most. So here are some storyboards for you to look at!

 "She is beautiful… Verteron Gravimentric Matrix..."

"... Second generation FTL engines..."

 "...Modulated Superficial Field..."

 *Muffled Excitement*

 "...15 Magnetic Neutrino Accelerators, 10 Giga-Watt EM Singularity Lances and Atmospheric System Emission life support system."

 "...She is PERFECT!"

 [SFX: Blast Door Warning Ringing]


 And here is the (almost) finished rig!

That's all from me today. G'night!

22 November 2011

More Painting!

Ever since I joined ConceptArt and CGSociety I can't stop painting. It's weird. I'm always behind on painting. I must draw. Whenever I come to a computer I grab my tablet. Yesterday I drew an orange for god's sake!

And today I came home slightly tipsy and decided that it'd be a great idea to do some painting. Many hours later I finished stone cold sober and slightly confused as of what exactly I was doing here.

Here is my baby of tonight.

Another funny story happened yesterday. A friend of mine approached me in great distress claiming his artists are doing absolutely nothing for his group. He was so embarrassed he didn't have any artwork to show to the clients at the pitch he called me in to do a concept painting for him. In a few hours, and since it was a lazy Sunday night, I came up with a quick concept. Personally I thought it was a bit on the loose side, but he absolutely loved it. Without further ado...

In other, less pretty but no less exciting, news: I applied for a year long paid internship at a London based games company called Media Tonic. From what I saw on the site their stuff looked pretty good. I'm mega excited about this. To spend a year in London doing a job I love, I don't think it gets any better!


21 November 2011

Rekuai Concept Sheet

Okay folks, I had no intention of naming the character Rekuai - who is an Inca snake god - but the CGSociety made me do so. You see, without a creative name you can't submit a piece into your portfolio. So instead "character" this and "character" that we now have Rekuai. It will probably get changed soon because a) I have no evidence about the name origin apart from an old Incan myth translated into Russian and b) it sounds Japanese.

Anyway, enjoy the art!

18 November 2011

Flu Time

Sorry everyone for the lack of updates recently. The reason is, I am currently down with the flu. The fever was an extremely unpleasant experience, but I'm getting better now. Definitely need to get my immune system back up to normal. I never used to get ill!

THAT! That above is the source of my life's problems right now! Go away! You're not welcome! Stupid flu.
Maybe if I give it a moustache and a top hat it'll work better. I'll show you at the end of the post, for greater comic build-up.

Here is the little work I did over the past week or so.

So the penguin is now ready. I resized it to a reasonable size. Unfortunately I had to delete the rig and will have to start over again. I'll aim to get that done over the weekend.

Also my advanced interaction is finally taking shape. As you know I'm building an Afghan village. So here are some British sangers surrounded by Bremer walls. Did you catch that clever irony there?

 That's all for me this week unfortunately. Being ill sucks, kids. Don't do it.

And finally, here is an influenza virus with a top hat and a moustache.

Ah I wish personifying and making fun of bad things in life made them easier to deal with. Excuse me while I cough up a lung.