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30 September 2011

Fun times with Bamboo

With the coursework squared away in a separate post I can get on with the fun things to show to you guys. And where better to start than by posting a really short review of my new, shiny, pretty, cute, amazing, lovely, sleek, sexy, awesome and cool Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet!

Firstly, from the aesthetic point of view, it looks good. Cute little light on the side, material thing on the other and BAMBOO logo beside the drawing area. It works well, doesn't lag and doesn't jump. The only problem is the annoying circle that appears every time you click on anything, but that's to do with Windows 7. Took me ages to find and disable. All in all, it's a good tablet for the money, and all tablets are generally the same.

I couldn't wait to play with it so I did this.

Each one took about an hour but it looks like I still need to get used to it. Today I'll do more!

Time to talk a little bit about the coursework and uni related things. For next week we need to get a character sheet in for animation, plus some sketches; also ten story beats and a premise for screenwriting.

The premise for screenwriting is this:

"After the death of his grandmother and coming back
to his childhood home, an artist finds the terrible
secret of his birth, meets a childhood love and stops
the war of the fay kingdoms."

This idea came to me in a sinusitis inspired stupor one morning in a lecture. An image came to mind from the Hellboy series.

As always Mignola and Fegredo don't disappoint with their beautiful imagery, style and mood. I almost forgot how much I love Hellboy! If anyone is interested the image is from Hellboy - The Wild Hunt # 1

Well, it's time to finish this. See you next week!