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6 October 2011

First steps

This has been an extremely productive week for me. I started on my character for animation, decided on the research question for interaction and have a layout of an entire Act 1 of my story for screenwriting. On top of all that even managed to make time to do two more value paintings with my new, shiny, sexy, lovely, amazing Bamboo tablet!

Let's get down to business. Animation! After sitting down with my a very good friend of mine, and a great artist may I say, Stuart, we came up with an awesome premise.

"A daring captain of a space fleet, a penguin names Petrovich, lands on Earth with the task to establish contact with budding new civilisation. Unfortunately there is a mistake and he lands in the Antarctic, into a snowy environment filled with penguins. He tries his best to complete his mission but it soon becomes apparent that penguins are quite dumb. He gets increasingly frustrated and eventually leaves with nothing."

Even though the story itself might no work out due to technical restraints (i.e. I'll have to animate over a hundred penguins, build the terrain and many more), the character itself is extremely appealing and it was time for concept sketches. I might also need to mention that his name is Petrovich because I'll be voicing him, and my sexy Russian accent is, unfortunately, cannot be concealed. So here are the pictures.

The first concept drawing of Petrovich.

Emotion: giving character to a rigid beak is harder than one might think.

The design sheet for Petrovich which later turned into profiles
of his crew. Note the two drawings at the bottom left, 
that's where I got bored.

Final character sheet. This will be the reference for 3D modelling.

That was Animation. Things with Interaction were a lot more difficult. Firstly, how can one choose a research question when there are so many things out there? Just with the media, there are phones, computers, TVs, tabs and god knows what else out there! However after some thought and brainstorming the choice was narrowed down to one solid research question which I think I will enjoy working on. Here it is:

"How can interactive 3D environment can help the training of the military personnel, be it combat roles or other specialist?"

Look forward to next week when I'll be bombarding you with my first information gathering on the topic!

Almost done. For screenwriting I came up with an entire story and spent the last week thinking about the character, the conflict within the story and the main themes. The underlying theme of the entire story, I decided, will be of loss. The loss of his grandmother, his loved one, his sanity. However smaller themes will be played out as the story progresses. In Act 1 it will be about human relationships and how we, as species, are unwilling to accept anything that is different. In Act 2 the protagonist will be the victim of circumstance, lose everything he has and end up on the brink of insanity. Act 3 will have him redeem himself and tie up any loose ends.

The character itself will be a likeable one, however as the story progresses I want him to become less and less so. Not entirely sure how I'll pull that off just yet, but the semester is young, I'll have plenty of time. As he will be more and more alienated from the audience the spot light will be more and more on the people who surround him, simply to avoid the audience lose interest and dissociate from the story.

I've also decided to write a short story about a man in the 1700s who goes out hunting, encounters the small folk who live under the mountain, and comes back 10 years later to find his wife with another man. However he claims to be gone only three days. As you can see, the usual fairy tale.

And now for some more fun things. I've been getting into the whole swing of digital painting and have to say, the more I do it the more enjoyable it becomes. See for yourself!

40 minutes

40 minutes

See you all next week! Maybe I will even venture slightly further with my digital painting skills and try a bigger piece. Thank you FZD School!