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12 October 2011

Military, VR and other fun things.

Hey all! Here is to another productive week! I'm cutting down on writing and bumping up the cool pictures and videos this time.

First of all I'd like to share some of my research into the use of digital media by the military.

Did you know for example that current US Army Research and Development (R&D) budget is $1.2bn whereas Microsoft's is $3.8bn? Turns out we're spending more on developing aps, computers and games than keeping the soldiers safe! Read more Entertainment Technology and Virtual Environments in Training and Education by Michael R. Macedonia from US Army Simulation, Training and Education Command. Double points to the guy for sounding the B&J ice cream flavour!

And here is an amazing thing called the VirtuSphere! The full article is called My Virtual War  on Scientific American magazine website. Watch the video for awesomeness.

So as you can see there are plenty of military simulators for vehicles and combat, but aren't that many for specialist roles, like engeneers and intelligence guys. Furthermore companies like Quantum3D often pop up to try and get some cheap cash. I mean, look at this video. Anyone who is even vaguely familiary with Valve games will see the problem straight away.

There are even some commercial computer games that were modified from battle sims for civilian use. However the main problem with that is that by the time things like that are declassified and modified, they are usually extremely out of date. Like it is in case with Pandemic Studios' "Full Spectrum Warrior".

And that's all research I managed to gather today. Tomorrow, a hot date with the library book shelf is on the agenda.

Unfortunately I haven't managed to do a lot about Animation this week, due to the fact that the sketches I'm going to use for modelling are in my sketchbook and the university doesn't have a scanner. It actually does but it never works, so it's as good as not having one. The quest of finding a friend with a scanner continues!

Not much progress on the screenwriting front either. However I did read some sources that said that hesitation to start writing is usually the hardest thing to overcome, and so tonight I will start. Promise.

And finally...

Yup, that's right, you just read that in Professor Farnsworth's voice. But it is true, the groups are finally sorted and ready to kick off. We're meeting unoficially tomorrow to get to know eachother and get some bonding done; and by "bonding"  I mean drinking.

And finally, finally, here are some paintings I did last week.

 Funny story. I was told off by a guy for drawing this badly because I missed out some trees from the original picture, because he liked the original so much. Go figure.

 I was having a day off. Give me a break.

Most ambitious project so far. Notice that there isn't a photograph in the corner, which indicates that, that's right, I'm finally painting stuff on my own steam! Progress!

I hope you all enjoyed this week's blog. See you next week!