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19 October 2011

Post Pitch Week Madness

Pitch week wasn't all that bad! It went a lot better than expected. However, beware lecturers! Just because my work seems to be on the ball right now, it doesn't mean I have any idea whatsoever of what is going on.

This week was quite slow in terms of art to show off and also I just got back from work so I'm in no mood for typing. Enjoy the pretty pictures and apologies for such a short post.

A lazy 20 minutes doodle. I'm trying a new technique with the painting.

Another quick doodle. This time, working with line.

And that is me in my work clothes. Many many thanks to William Campbell for tips on makeup related issues, and giving me a job :)

Funny story. Our shenanigans with the zombie outfits actually attracted some attention. Our boss got interviewed by the local radio, today we did a photoshoot for the local newspaper and the science centre; furthermore we now filmed two videos to put on youtube. Here they are.

That's it from me for this week. Artsy, over and out.