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22 November 2011

More Painting!

Ever since I joined ConceptArt and CGSociety I can't stop painting. It's weird. I'm always behind on painting. I must draw. Whenever I come to a computer I grab my tablet. Yesterday I drew an orange for god's sake!

And today I came home slightly tipsy and decided that it'd be a great idea to do some painting. Many hours later I finished stone cold sober and slightly confused as of what exactly I was doing here.

Here is my baby of tonight.

Another funny story happened yesterday. A friend of mine approached me in great distress claiming his artists are doing absolutely nothing for his group. He was so embarrassed he didn't have any artwork to show to the clients at the pitch he called me in to do a concept painting for him. In a few hours, and since it was a lazy Sunday night, I came up with a quick concept. Personally I thought it was a bit on the loose side, but he absolutely loved it. Without further ado...

In other, less pretty but no less exciting, news: I applied for a year long paid internship at a London based games company called Media Tonic. From what I saw on the site their stuff looked pretty good. I'm mega excited about this. To spend a year in London doing a job I love, I don't think it gets any better!