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8 November 2011

Priest and Post Crit Ramblings

First of all here are some pretty pictures. More creature design stuff.


The thumbnail number 2 in row 1 developed further

Secondly, today I had my pitch. It went most excellently. I got some good feedback and tips and feel like I'm on the right course. However some alarm bells started ringing. In my excitement about the Personal Project and the character and creature design I found that my other modules suffer a little. So the next few weeks will be dedicated to them. I'm sorry Other Modules, I haven't forgotten about you. You're still awesome and I enjoy working on your coursework. So the plan is to finish rigging asap, UV, model an environment, texture, learn more UDK interaction and finish the animatic for screenwriting. Quite a lot of work as you can see, so you'll enjoy plenty of blog posts about my progress.

Tomorrow is the day of our epic Dundee - Perth - Dundee with plenty of stops in cool places. We'll be sleeping in an abandoned castle! I'm well excited.

Over and out :)