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26 November 2011

Welcome to My-UDK-project-stan

So I'm making some good progress on my Interactive Design map in UDK. I can finally do things and not feel like the software has a grudge against me. Good times.

Terragen didn't quite work as well as I'd hoped - as in, completely refused to export RAW hightmaps or anything even remotely similar to that. But I'm managing pretty well without it. The map turns out to be quite balanced as well, there you see the green rocks will be some Afghani style buildings. You can attack from three different positions, there is a possibility for a sniper where that big boulder is and a path around the back for the sneaky types. The village will have a mosque with a tall tower, which can be used as a watch tower, as well as some good machine gun nests. All nice and balanced for both teams.

Good morning to you all!