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2 December 2011

Festive Hysteria

Here comes the crunch time. I apologise for the lack of cool visuals in the next wee while. I must explain my current situation. First of all the entire world embraces the festive season. In the run up to Christmas shops make 90% of their yearly profit and many people come down with the gift buying blues. But these fun things are not for me, no, no, no. Apart from the fact that most of the population of Dundee (including me) are suffering from one illness or the other, I have uni work to finish. I also work 3 days a week in this Christmas induced hysteria, which is always fun but leaves me absolutely exhausted. On top of all that I have to organise a flat move next week. So, caught up in this whirlwind of... things, I apologise once again for disappearing for a while.

In the meantime please let me show off my finished rig, all dusted and polished. All that is left now is to skin and animate!

Also my interaction is almost finished now. Just need to put in the buildings (which are already modelled but not textured), draw up collusion meshes and we're good to go. Oh and adding a few interactive things, like opening doors and light switches.

The main thing are the essays. There is only this daunting task of actually writing them out that is left. Fun times.

With that said, I'm away into my little hole to earn money, finish uni work and move house. Adios!