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30 January 2012

Final Character Design

This is the final character design for our Personal Project game. Just need to animate it now.

Actions for animation:

  • Idle
  • Running
  • Stopping
  • Jumping
  • Climbing
  • More as I think of them
That's all from me. Peace!

Animation Moodboard

I didn't want to put it in the previous post, because it's nice when things stand out. This is an A3 sized document, which weighs about 170Mb and will be printed out and put on my wall for inspiration.

I have a few ideas kicking about my head right now, but nothing definitive yet. All sketchbook work.

As you can see I got into my diesel punk groove. It happens roughly once a year, nothing to worry about.

Semester 2

Hey folks! Long time no see, but I'm back now. All the TA officer things out of the way, I can concentrate fully on the semester ahead.

Now for some start of semester admin. Below is a purely personal plan and coursework outline, for my own use. I have certain goals I set up for myself this semester. Here they are:
  • Produce at least 4 paintings a week
  • Learn to use NUKE and learn about matte painting
  • Improve my modelling and texturing
  • Spend more time in class than last year
  • Update this blog more frequently
  • Fill out at least one sketchbook fully
They are quite achievable goals and hopefully you will see many many cool things posted here.

Now for coursework.

Persuasive Narrative: Due 8th of May 2012
  • Task 1 - Research into the area of Digital Storytelling and Persuasive Narrative. Outcome: 1 x Sketchbook.
  • Task 2 - Produce treatment of my chosen project. Outcome: 1 x Treatment Document.
  • Task 3 - Produce a storyboard. Outcome: 40 - 50 x Storyboard Images.
  • Task 4 - Produce a moving image piece. Outcome: 1 x film (no more than 5 minutes long).
  • Task 5 - Critical analysis of my moving image piece. Outcome: Critical Essay (No count)
Digital Media Context: Due 7th of May 2012 
  • Task 1 - 5 minute presentation to demonstrate my understanding of chose career path. Outcome: 1 x presentation in PPT.
  • Task 2 - Critical Essay on chosen industry. Outcome: 1 x Essay (2000 words)
  • Task 3 - Professional showreel. Outcome: 1 x Showreel AVI format.
Advanced Animation: Due 24th of Feb 2012 (Task 1), 17th of May 2012 (Task 2-4)
  • Task 1: Project proposal and literature review of field of specialisation (i.e. VFX for me). Outcome: 1x Essay (1500 words)
  • Task 2: Concept Development and Preproduction. Outcome: 1 x Sketchbook, 10 x Storyboard Images (A6 format), 1 x Animatic (no more than 2mins, 720x576pix resolution).
  • Task 3: Animation Production. Must include character, environment, sountrack. Production quality. 700p (1280x720pix), no more than 2 mins in length, fully rendered. Outcomes: 1 x Animation, original Maya Scene files, all files relating to the project.
  • Task 4: Project Evaluation. 500 words min. Printed and digital copies. Outcomes: 1 x Essay.
Personal Project: Due 11th of May 2012 (Tasks 4, 5 and 6)
  • Task 4: Presentation. Submit all previous presentation files. Outcomes: 6 x Presentations.
  • Task 5: Project Media. Everything. Clearly structured on DVD. Outcomes: 1 x DVD
  • Task 6: Project Evaluation. 3000 words. Half critical evaluation (third person passive), half personal reflection (first person active). Outcomes: 1 x Essay
Hope you forgive me for the wall of text. Here's an image of a grumpy kitten.

15 January 2012


We had a whole couple of days to ourselves between terms. Needless to say that post to avoid a post submission depression everyone tried their best to fill this time with sleeping, eating and partying.

I took this time to dig up some old sketchbooks and decided to show everyone some of my old sketches and drawings.

This one is an old one. Back in the day I was obsessed with the dark gothic future of Warhammer 40k. Still am, but it doesn't make its way into my artwork anymore. If you draw something, at least make it original, that's what distinguishes a professional from someone who draws just for fun.

The one above was drawn in Henry's Coffee House, on Seagate, Dundee. While we sat, bored and drinking coffee, the only thing to do was to doodle. This is a recent one.

Everybody loves Leo :)

A drawing inspired by a professional artist's sketchbook sometime in 2011.

In other news. I am now back with the OTC, not that I ever left, but last semester was extremely busy, too busy to do anything outside uni world. This year I'm making a point of coming back to all of my old hobbies I loved so much, but unfortunately abandoned over the past year.

I've also applied for the position of a storyboard artist in a short student film they'll be producing this year. A little something on the side to have as a hobby.

Speaking of hobbies, I have a new one. I'm making a short film myself. It'll be an occult mystery, inspired by things like Hellboy and Lovecraft. More details later. It's all hush-hush right now :)


10 January 2012


It is finally done. Submitted everything today, then spent the rest of the afternoon drinking beer and playing pool. It was a good day.

I had to re-do bits and pieces this morning. For example, the animation suddenly stopped working. There was a moment of panic until I realised that the name of the penguin model file got changed last night. Then it refused to playblast it in 12fps, so I had to render the first two scenes out, hence the sudden change half way through.

In other news, there was a "device" found near my house. The whole area is cordoned off and the bomb disposal guys are on their way from Monifieth. Can't say I ever get bored here.

Until next semester! Peace.

8 January 2012

Animation Progress

Let's jump right in. Scenes 1 to 4. The second one is rendered, just to show off my lighting skills ;)

The animation is almost complete. Tomorrow I am ready to animate the face and add dialogue with lip syncing.

6 January 2012

Interaction Complete!

Turns out that I did more work over the holidays than I expected! Postcriptum: Here is the complete Advanced Interaction environment.

Done! This animation really is the only thing left to do.

Post Holiday Stress Disorder

Heeeeeello everyone!

Hope you had an excellent time over Christmas and the New Year. And best wishes in the new 2012!

Let's jump right into action.

Three days before the submission and all I have left to do is the animation. If I work reeeeeally really hard it looks like I'm well within the schedule.

Here are some fun things I did with skinning today. 12 hours in Whitespace is definitely paying off!

Captain Cluster! (aka Me Gusta)

Eeeeeey! (aka The Fonz)


And this is what happens when you forget
to parent the eyes to the control rig; and then try to scale.

It actually took most of the day to skin the character. He is far from perfect, but I made him pole dance, while making a stupid face, and that's good enough for me.

Would you believe, I wasted 20 minutes of my life on this? Heh, heh.

After the character was ready to animate, I made an environment and placed cameras around. If you remember the storyboard I did a while back, the 4 images correspond to the 4 locations on it.

That's all for me guys! See you tomorrow for more cool stuff.

Oh, I almost forgot, I finished my storyboard animatic for screenwriting module. Enjoy!

Time for dinner. Bye!