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6 January 2012

Post Holiday Stress Disorder

Heeeeeello everyone!

Hope you had an excellent time over Christmas and the New Year. And best wishes in the new 2012!

Let's jump right into action.

Three days before the submission and all I have left to do is the animation. If I work reeeeeally really hard it looks like I'm well within the schedule.

Here are some fun things I did with skinning today. 12 hours in Whitespace is definitely paying off!

Captain Cluster! (aka Me Gusta)

Eeeeeey! (aka The Fonz)


And this is what happens when you forget
to parent the eyes to the control rig; and then try to scale.

It actually took most of the day to skin the character. He is far from perfect, but I made him pole dance, while making a stupid face, and that's good enough for me.

Would you believe, I wasted 20 minutes of my life on this? Heh, heh.

After the character was ready to animate, I made an environment and placed cameras around. If you remember the storyboard I did a while back, the 4 images correspond to the 4 locations on it.

That's all for me guys! See you tomorrow for more cool stuff.

Oh, I almost forgot, I finished my storyboard animatic for screenwriting module. Enjoy!

Time for dinner. Bye!