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30 January 2012

Semester 2

Hey folks! Long time no see, but I'm back now. All the TA officer things out of the way, I can concentrate fully on the semester ahead.

Now for some start of semester admin. Below is a purely personal plan and coursework outline, for my own use. I have certain goals I set up for myself this semester. Here they are:
  • Produce at least 4 paintings a week
  • Learn to use NUKE and learn about matte painting
  • Improve my modelling and texturing
  • Spend more time in class than last year
  • Update this blog more frequently
  • Fill out at least one sketchbook fully
They are quite achievable goals and hopefully you will see many many cool things posted here.

Now for coursework.

Persuasive Narrative: Due 8th of May 2012
  • Task 1 - Research into the area of Digital Storytelling and Persuasive Narrative. Outcome: 1 x Sketchbook.
  • Task 2 - Produce treatment of my chosen project. Outcome: 1 x Treatment Document.
  • Task 3 - Produce a storyboard. Outcome: 40 - 50 x Storyboard Images.
  • Task 4 - Produce a moving image piece. Outcome: 1 x film (no more than 5 minutes long).
  • Task 5 - Critical analysis of my moving image piece. Outcome: Critical Essay (No count)
Digital Media Context: Due 7th of May 2012 
  • Task 1 - 5 minute presentation to demonstrate my understanding of chose career path. Outcome: 1 x presentation in PPT.
  • Task 2 - Critical Essay on chosen industry. Outcome: 1 x Essay (2000 words)
  • Task 3 - Professional showreel. Outcome: 1 x Showreel AVI format.
Advanced Animation: Due 24th of Feb 2012 (Task 1), 17th of May 2012 (Task 2-4)
  • Task 1: Project proposal and literature review of field of specialisation (i.e. VFX for me). Outcome: 1x Essay (1500 words)
  • Task 2: Concept Development and Preproduction. Outcome: 1 x Sketchbook, 10 x Storyboard Images (A6 format), 1 x Animatic (no more than 2mins, 720x576pix resolution).
  • Task 3: Animation Production. Must include character, environment, sountrack. Production quality. 700p (1280x720pix), no more than 2 mins in length, fully rendered. Outcomes: 1 x Animation, original Maya Scene files, all files relating to the project.
  • Task 4: Project Evaluation. 500 words min. Printed and digital copies. Outcomes: 1 x Essay.
Personal Project: Due 11th of May 2012 (Tasks 4, 5 and 6)
  • Task 4: Presentation. Submit all previous presentation files. Outcomes: 6 x Presentations.
  • Task 5: Project Media. Everything. Clearly structured on DVD. Outcomes: 1 x DVD
  • Task 6: Project Evaluation. 3000 words. Half critical evaluation (third person passive), half personal reflection (first person active). Outcomes: 1 x Essay
Hope you forgive me for the wall of text. Here's an image of a grumpy kitten.