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15 January 2012


We had a whole couple of days to ourselves between terms. Needless to say that post to avoid a post submission depression everyone tried their best to fill this time with sleeping, eating and partying.

I took this time to dig up some old sketchbooks and decided to show everyone some of my old sketches and drawings.

This one is an old one. Back in the day I was obsessed with the dark gothic future of Warhammer 40k. Still am, but it doesn't make its way into my artwork anymore. If you draw something, at least make it original, that's what distinguishes a professional from someone who draws just for fun.

The one above was drawn in Henry's Coffee House, on Seagate, Dundee. While we sat, bored and drinking coffee, the only thing to do was to doodle. This is a recent one.

Everybody loves Leo :)

A drawing inspired by a professional artist's sketchbook sometime in 2011.

In other news. I am now back with the OTC, not that I ever left, but last semester was extremely busy, too busy to do anything outside uni world. This year I'm making a point of coming back to all of my old hobbies I loved so much, but unfortunately abandoned over the past year.

I've also applied for the position of a storyboard artist in a short student film they'll be producing this year. A little something on the side to have as a hobby.

Speaking of hobbies, I have a new one. I'm making a short film myself. It'll be an occult mystery, inspired by things like Hellboy and Lovecraft. More details later. It's all hush-hush right now :)