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5 February 2012

A lazy weekend in Glasgow

Hey folks, just a little update on what I've been up to in the past week. First of, I might be doing some paid illustration work, but everything is hush hush at the moment and no details are known. In other news, here are some doodles!

A little cute truck doodle. 20 minutes. Just for fun :)

Trying to figure out the run cycle of our character for the game. The main thing is to figure out timing. 6 frames per stride seems to be the standard.

A creature design, again, for out game. I was complimented on the design on ConceptArt, so I'm extremely happy with it. Notice I didn't mention execution? It needs a lot of work.

Next week is the pitch week, and I'm aiming to do some painting, finish the character run cycle (fully rendered and everything) and do some storyboards for Amy.

Oh yeah, I'm doing some storyboards for a girl from uni. She is making an episode of social drama about two students' break up and consequent resentment.