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9 February 2012

Week 4: Pitch

Hey folks,

The pitch went fine. Nothing to brag about. Here are some things I've done this week.

I touched up an earlier mask design. Now you can tell it's a snake and not some block of wood with eyes in it. I was told to avoid completely black shadows, and I'm trying my best to do that. In other news, looky at my pretty custom made hair brush! Now it looks kinnda badass :)

Another cool concept painting we did. We'll probably use it as a title screen. The reason I saw "we" is two people worked on the image below. Myself and my team mate (who specialises in environments) George. I took a rough he painted last year and polished it up. It's not important what exactly I did; the result is awesome and that's all that matters. Unfortunately George doesn't have an online folio, as far as I know. I'll be sure to provide you guys with a link if I find out what it is.

I also started work on the Animation. The pre-production is slowly but surely moving forward. The story is going to be a 30 second film about a man who explores a junk filled warehouse. Inside he finds an old robot, who looks menacing but wants love, warmth and hugs. Here are two sketches for you. Really quick, really rough.

Also, as advised by good people of forums I ordered this little book from Amazon. Really looking forward to reading it - it looks amazing.

In other news, I'm about to sign my first ever illustration contract. Real job, real money, big deal. It's all about building good reputation, so I'm gonna give it 110% and more!

Plan for next week, draw, paint, doodle, explore more; do a 5 minute presentation about concept art industry (40% of the module grade!) and start putting things in real, physical sketchbooks.

Thanks for reading :)