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23 March 2012

Friday's Work

Two things I did today. First is the enemy animation for the Personal Project and second, is a fuse box to put in our environment for Advanced Animation.

Jumping frog

Frog master sprite

Fuse box. Interesting technique for making wires. You select an item and an EP curve then extrude. Also note the lighting. I used three lights: 1 directional light to act as Key Light (the sun), one directional light to at as Fill Light (the sky) and one area light to simulate reflected light.

The texture.

Bump map downloaded from Google images, but I may as well have made it myself, it's just lines and dots.

That's it from me. Very tired, bed time. Until next time and thanks for reading!

21 March 2012


I completely forgot to put this up. When I did it. This is a malachite colossus ape I drew for another round of Fantasy Genesis the other day. It was a quick 20-30 minute doodle at the end of the day. That's how artists relax!

I put it up for critique on, got some excellent feedback and now following the advice: going back to thumbnails. I think I want to make something out of it. It looks interesting and the concept is awesome. So why the hell not, it's not like I have a million other modules and a commission to worry about!

There will be more thumbnails (14 more to be exact), but I'm running out of time. It's 3AM already!


20 March 2012

Life Drawing IV

It's this day of the week again :)

In the last one I let my imagination go a bit. Thanks for watching!


I drew a frog. Nothing much to say, really. Tomorrow I'm going to give it big teeth and make it into an enemy in our game.

15 March 2012

Space Crab

Aaaand now for something completely different :)

Incidentally, Fantasy Genesis by Chuck Lukacs is a book worth buying.


Colour Studies

Haven't done this in so, so long, but here you go. A few colour studies. Also totally relevant to my research into colour and light.

Getting slowly better all this painting thing.

11 March 2012

Life Drawing 3

I decided to switch back to traditional life drawing for one, very good reason, when working digitally I found myself not actually learning anything. Proportion can be adjusted with lasso and transform, the line doesn't express yourself, but rather how sensitive your tablet is. So, personally, I'm against digital life drawing now. But there are so many people out there, it might work out for someone!

Until next time!

Sprite goodness

It's strange how it's possible to be very, very busy yet have nothing to show for it. This is a small update of what I've been up to since my last post.

First of all, Personal Project is well under way. At this stage it's time to just get my head down and churn out assets. Also, this is a time to start thinking about the essay.

There was a small set back in the animation for personal project because I had to change the way I'm animating the sprites. I took a few days to complete a full Master Sprite sheet, so now instead of painting everything frame by frame, it's a simple matter of dragging, dropping and tweaking pre-made graphics. Here it is. There will be more separate graphics for the shirt and the skirt, because obviously they have to move with the character and the wind.

With this sprite sheet making animations took less than an evening.

Above and the run and jump animations. Clothes will be added as soon as they are finished. It's all work in progress but you see how it's now coming together.

As for animation, narrative and digital media practice, it's all on standby for the cameras. As soon as I get them, it'll all kick off. Exciting stuff!

Next week I'm going to film in Glasgow, then film in Dundee and start editing.

Until next time,


1 March 2012

Short Film Pre-Production

Here's the storyboard and the script, planning sketches and storyboards we made for our short animation production. This is pretty much the entirety of pre-production on a plate for you.

Firstly, here's the process. This is how we are doing it, and in no way representative of how everyone should be doing it, but I thought it'd be nice for folk to know:

1. Script: It must have a beginning, a middle and an end. Recommended reading: Story by Rober McKee.
2. Storyboards: You plan your story and see how it works out with comic book style sequential drawings. Recommended reading: Directing the Story by Francis Glebas.
3. Location Scout: We went out and found a place to shoot in. Unfortunately it is now boarded up and the entrance is welded shut. We took some pictures though, for planning purposes. I'd recommend wearing good boots when you do this sort of thing: there are used needles everywhere!
4. Shot planning: I then drew up some diagrams of the space with indication of where the cameras and actors will be placed. I also made a simple 3D mock-up.
5. Animatic: For this I simply took the storyboard and stuck it into Adobe Premiere. In software I timed each shot and created a sound track. All sounds were downloaded from and the music is Portishead - Sour Times.
6. Filming: Haven't done it yet, but the cameras are booked for the 14th!

The next stage is the asset creation stage. More on that in later posts.

The Script

                             "The Circus"
                             Artyom Semenov
                               Adam Dart

                                                                      FINAL DRAFT

A man who is "of sound mind" is one who keeps the inner madman under lock and key.
                                  ~Paul Valéry, Mauvaises pensées et autres, 1942

                               "The Circus"

Empty. Dirty, desolate place. Barb wire fense runs around the warehouse.
CGI: Behind the warehouse the is illuminated brilliantly by the lights of the skyscrapers.
CGI: Battered SIGN on the Warehouse: "Achille Zavatta's Circus Supplies"
MAN walks from off-screen towards the warehouse. He is wearing old jeans, and a
practical cammo jacket.
                                                                          CUT TO
Cluttered with boxes, wires and old machinnery (circus cannon, roundabout etc.)
Empty. Dark. Harsh blue illumination makes intense shadows.
MAN is walking slowly through rubble, as if searching for something.
Cluttered. Wires and electronics on walls and floor like a giant spiderweb.
The MAN walks past what looks like a humanoid carcass chained to a wall.
He doesn't notice it.
As the MAN walks out of shot the ROBOT slowly comes to life.
The ROBOT is an old circus clown, made especially for making balloons.
From the darkness he extends his arm towards the MAN.
In it there is an old, burst baloon on a string.
The MAN continues walking without noticing.
The ROBOT's hand retreats slowly back into the darkness.
                                                                       FADE TO BLACK
                                 THE END.


Location Scout

Looks amazing, doesn't it? I wish we had a chance to explore more.

Shot Planning


I hope someone somewhere found this helpful.

Peace :)

PS: I literally just saw the horrible mistake in one of the storyboards. Don't judge my coffee ridden brain! See if you can spot it, it's quite a funny one.

Digital Life Drawing 2

Another week, another life drawing class.

I enjoyed it as much as the previous one - sat at a table, munching on some Skittles and listening to music. I'm going to switch back to traditional materials however, because of a piece of advice someone gave me.

"That's silly, use a pencil, or inks or watercolours. It's good for your kidneys. It's also good for being intentional with your strokes" ~ Beeston,

I completely agree with him/her. Life drawing teaches us to draw from life, see form, value and colour with the naked eye and develop the muscle memory that can be transferred to all media. Why ruin it by putting up an additional level of complexity your brain doesn't need?

So here are some pictures.


That's all form me for today. Peace!