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11 March 2012

Sprite goodness

It's strange how it's possible to be very, very busy yet have nothing to show for it. This is a small update of what I've been up to since my last post.

First of all, Personal Project is well under way. At this stage it's time to just get my head down and churn out assets. Also, this is a time to start thinking about the essay.

There was a small set back in the animation for personal project because I had to change the way I'm animating the sprites. I took a few days to complete a full Master Sprite sheet, so now instead of painting everything frame by frame, it's a simple matter of dragging, dropping and tweaking pre-made graphics. Here it is. There will be more separate graphics for the shirt and the skirt, because obviously they have to move with the character and the wind.

With this sprite sheet making animations took less than an evening.

Above and the run and jump animations. Clothes will be added as soon as they are finished. It's all work in progress but you see how it's now coming together.

As for animation, narrative and digital media practice, it's all on standby for the cameras. As soon as I get them, it'll all kick off. Exciting stuff!

Next week I'm going to film in Glasgow, then film in Dundee and start editing.

Until next time,