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3 July 2012

Studying from the Masters

Copying other artists' work is looked down upon, be it music, traditional art or film. However it's different when one copies for practice, as a study and credits the original creator of the work.

I never tried to do that, but today I did. It turns out that one learns a great deal from this simple exercise.

So next time you got a spare moment grab a pic by an artist you really like and copy it. But don't just copy it. Study it. Figure out why the artist used that colour and why the composition is as it is. Try to get into the guy's head and understand his process. I promise, you will learn infinitely more than if you were to simply copy (square by square, like in high school) the piece.

So here's my version, side by side with the original. I hope Feng won't mind this too much :)

It humbles me to realise how far I still have to go before I get on the same level, or anywhere near. But hard work pays off, and I'm looking forward to progressing in my artistic ability.