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4 October 2012

Character Concept

I'm still deciding on the exact story I'm doing to use my visual development powers on, and there are lots of other little details to be decided upon. However I managed to do some initial doodles, just so there is something to show off. I confess, in the whole 3 years at university this is the first time I've ever used the scanner.

It is not a lot, but this is a start.

Time for some critical analysis. As much as this series of images seem to follow the pipeline established through J.P.Targete's tutorial, the author feels that these images lack originality and authenticity. The character doesn't not come across as a hunter/shooter/soldier. He lacks character. The thumbnails tend do be very similar to eachother and no new ideas are explored in the process. The artist seems to lack confidence to experiment with shapes and backs away from brave ideas. These thumbnails must strive to move away from the norm and be more daring.

Here we go, I've identified a gap in my knowledge, which I will work hard to plug.

Speaking of gaps, I've identified a few more. Targete mentions that it is important to push all aspects of one's drawing, characters, environments, creatures etc. It ocurred to me that I've no idea how to design an environment or what good vehicle design should be like.

On the other hand, my project has solidified in the tutorial today. I'll definitely be doing visual development for a Russian folk story. Just need to decide on the actual story.

This one seems like a good condidate, but I'm wondering if it is too long.

Plan for the future: get a sketchbook and fill it with some environment and vehicle sketches. I must also address my lack of understanding of value and form. It is now clear how important traditional art education is.

Until next time!