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8 October 2012

Hangover Monday

While nursing my mild hangover and contemplating the dangers of drinking on a Sunday I decided to write a short update on my concept development.

I have my aim and objectives in mind, however it is difficult to put them down on paper and word the properly. But my general area is illustration and concept design.

I identified some gaps in my knowledge and started working to plug them. Environments are a big weakness of mine and I got some pens and a sketchpad in an attempt to improve my skills and get some general drawing done.

Here is the first page, inspired by the "Sketchbook" section of a recent issue of ImagineFX magazine (issue 88).

My aim for the next wee while is to really get my drawing skills up to standard. As J.P. Targete said in his Gnomon DVD I mentioned a few posts ago - drawing skills are a lot more important than painting skills. Having a good foundation is extremely important.

That is it for today. It is now time to start gathering material for the literature review.