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3 October 2012

Just another Wednesday

Well folks, it seems I have a solid idea of what I'll be doing for the next year. I love this slow and steady approach, allowing ideas to emerge on their own and harnessing creativity, rather than forcing it out.

The process started with me wanting to do illustration of some sort.

I chatted to Fred Richards, a Masters student in my uni; and together we came up with an idea of reimagining an existing piece of work. For some reason I imagined what the guys did for Skillfull Huntsman and got terribly excited. I thought of taking Brave and re-designing the characters, props and so on, to be in a futuristic sci fi setting. The aim would be to explore effect of genre and setting on character archetypes and story.

Then I had a talk with Brian, which turned into a heated discussion about merits of trying to adapt an existing work. His arguement was that if a character is walking for 3 days to a place in fantasy setting, what is stopping him from flying there in a shuttle in sci fi? This question of believability humpered my excitement.

However then we had a breakthrough which we both got stupidly excited about.

I'm going to follow the steps of the Skillfull Huntsman crew and visualise a short folk tale. However there is a twist. It will be a Russian tale, one of the ones I grew up with. This gives me a chance to add the element of Russian folklore into my designs and explore symbolism in illustration.

I personally think this is an excellent idea. However, it might change any second in the chaotic world of idea generation.

I'm just writing it down so I don't forget.

PS: Today I ordered the Skillfull Huntsman. In the view of my current circumstances, I'm really looking forward to reading it when it arrives.