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2 October 2012

Vehicle Design

So I'm sitting here in class and accidently overhear the lecture that is going on behind me. They are designing vehicles. I finish my previous post and get a little bored. Why didn't we get this in 2nd year? What these guys are doing is awesome, and I had to find it all out by myself. Unfair.

Anyway. I decided to give it a shot too using the concepts learned in the previous DVD.

So here are the thumbnails and the silhuettes.

And here's the design.

This is some sort of exploration vehicle. Its head is the cockpit whereas the engine and the cargo is stored in the back section. Its legs are split on ends to allow for easier grip and climbing. The doodle beside the main sketch is another version of its head. I quite like how it turned out :)

Maybe tonight when I get home I'll turn it into some kind of story. Maybe it's stuck in the jungle, or fighting off some vicious demons. Or perhaps its at a exhibition in London, glistening in all its steampunky glory.

That's why I love what I do. Anything is possible.