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9 November 2012

Critique Session 2012

Week 8 is upon us! It crept up stealthily behind us and pounced... But it's not at all that bad.

The main points I got from it is that it would be nice the result of the research I made into the Slavic art and imagery. It is an ambitious project and covers quite a wide area. It is paramount to me to meet with a lecturer every week to make sure I'm on the right track, considering how easy it is to go off on a tangent. Apart from that they it was said that my project is very interesting and everyone is keen to see where it is heading.

Not much else to say. Considering how I'm always complaining about having to balance work and university, I think I did well.

So basically in the future I will look further into Slavic peasant art: wood carving, wooden architecture, patterns etc. Then find an iconic elements which will add a sense of authentnicity to my own painting.

I will then look into Celtic art, just because Brave and The Book of Kells were awesome films. I will then do a little comparison of the two cultures.