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27 November 2012

Preview: Jon Hodgson

It's always fascinating to come close to real talent. Last summer I had the pleasure to meet with the legendary Jon Hodgson - an illustrator, fantasy artist and an art director at Cubicle 7. Himself and Dave Allsop did a Q&A session where a lot of interesting points were raised and topics discussed.

Thus far Jon has made over 200 pieces of card art for collectable card games, solo illustrated 15 books with 30 plus illustrations each for Warhammer Historical, has provided cover art for some 30 gaming books as well as numerous pieces of packaging art, made illustrations for the biggest roleplaying game in the world - Dungeons and Dragons, as well as for some of the smallest. At one point he was a story boarder for the children's animated show Bob the Builder.

Not to give too much away, but Jon has kindly agreed to participate in an e-mail interview where he will answer questions to do with authenticity in work, share his process for conducting visual research and many more. Keep an eye out for a full feature in the next few weeks!

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