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7 January 2013

Slavic Reference

Dumping a lot of interesting reference images I found on Pinterest. To illustrate my pre-production method, which consists of gathering and studying images on the subject.

Beautiful Celtic patterns. It was on the Slavic page because of the style of the clothing and the hair band. Will be useful for reference.

Slavs were masters of leatherworking. This pouch made for re-enactment will allow to add this detail that will make the image more alive.

Example of Slavic jewlery from Pinterest. Again, it's all about the small details and various pieces of jewlery will add authenticity to my designs.

I liked the shape and the detail on the buckles on this one.

Modern interpretation of Slavic fashion. Intricate patterns. If the skirt was longer the dress would be historically accurate.

Excellent reference of medieval South Slavs found on Pinterest

A traditional wooden braid popular among all slavic peoples

Traditional costume of Cauasus region Slavs

Cosplay I found authentic and historically correct. More traveller than traditional Slavic, but the jewlery adds nice detail.

A painting of Perun, the god of thunder and lighting. Excellent costume and intricate detail.

Just look at those wooden windows. Beautiful detail, intricate pattern. So much character. Source:

Idols of Perun the Sun god. The Sun wheel is a common symbol in Slavic mythology

Slavic totem found on Pinterest. Excellent shapes and characters. Will add atmosphere to environment.

Veles, god of the earth, water and the underworld.

More beautiful wooden architecture examples.

Just look at those patterns and textures!

Very atmospheric Slavic village photograph from Pinterest. The roof is especially nice.

Another icon of Perun the highest god in Slavic pantheon.

A lonely hut in the Russian wilderness. Evokes a feeling of wistful melancholy.

Always thought these only exist in concept art world. Frozen rocks in Kamchatka.

Clear ice creates the world's largest natural ice rink.

Detail from walls in a restorated Romanian monastery. The patterns are staggering and very Celt like.

Russian patterns found on Pinterest. The colour scheme is off but the pattern itself is intereting.

An illustration by Ivan Bylibin.

Slavic tree of Life. By Ivan Bylibin.

Illustration to A. Pushkin's most famous work Ruslan and Ludmila. By Ival Bylibin.

Vector Russian pattern found on Pinterest.

Perun carved necklace.

Veles silver carving

Various slavic pattern examples.

A CD cover illustration based on old Slavic aesthetic. Good to see how things get re-interpreted and re-invented by contemporary illustrators.

Macro photography in a Russian forest. Atmospheric shots, very fairy tale.

Ladybug on a mushroom after rain. Also very atmospheric and feels like a fairy tale.

So there you go. There are quite a bit more on my computer, and the collection will grow. I'll post some more up soon.