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26 February 2013

Coursework Feedback

Concept Development

The log demonstrates a wealth of practice based research which is driven by creative aspirations and tutorial studies, this links very well to your project methodology in the later stages of the project and provides a basis for critical reflection and identification of skills gaps – good work.

Nice. Thank you!

There are a good range of silhouettes and developmental sketches based upon exploring pipeline and early ideas – however, your visual reference material is lacking overall – the consideration of drawing inspiration from out with normal sources or imagination would enhance your visual library and the conceptual breadth of your work.

More visual reference. Gotcha!

Very few sources cited, reliance on web based digital art key sources, would like to see cross referencing and expansion beyond pure digital art practice to inform ideas, concepts and technical development.

For this point it looks like I need to find more traditional art practices and incorporate them in my work. Like the Socialist art movement I mentioned in a different post.

Your project is structured well around tests which are driven by different briefs and challenges but are linked back to project through development of practice or exploration of theory through practice.

I will just assume that that "but" was supposed to be an "and" and take it as a compliment.

There is nice evaluation of this work and the process is solid overall, however, development of concepts led by skills gaps, whereas gaps in theory are inferred, but never stated or do not seem to inform/lead practice overall.

Also known as "add more art theory in your work". Simple enough.

Your discussion and analysis of media is required further depth through the development of your analytical language – the creation of a critical framework to help structure this analysis may help to add depth to your media analysis and any case studies you hope to carry out.

Use more fancy language, create critical framework to be able to write about research more in depth, using that fancy language.

The interview adds to the development of your project direction well, however, it would be useful to make more direct written statements on how this informs/inspires project development to help to connect your research to practice.

Re-read the interview and write a little more about it.


There is a great deal of unrelated material posted on the blog. The notes on travelling and its link to inspiration are interesting, however, direct links to the project and its development are lacking. As the blog continues into semester two, please try to focus on the project and its development to enhance the transparency of your submission.

Perhaps it was a mistake to label those posts as pre-production. Spiritual and inner growth of an individual is clearly personal development and not pre-production to a project.

The selected story for the project is interesting and the art bible demonstrates a good grasp of character and world, however, it is more of a story bible with some reference to art. The addition of exploration of colour palette, quality of line and other visual style related aspects of the project would help to drive the project forward.

Re-do the art bible to deal with more artistic things. Simple enough!

The concept is well understood and linked to similar styles well within your blog, however, further illustration or visual exploration through character/environment mood boards, sketches/silhouettes and other aspects identified to be related to the pipeline earlier in the blog would add depth to the development of the project.

Do more stuff. In particular mood boards, I haven't done many of those.

The submission could benefit from further links and justification of creative decisions, linking to theory and academic practice.  For example, the exploration of possible stories is limited and the selection of story is not justified or underpinned. 

For every bit of work or post on this blog, write why I did what I did and how it affected me. Also go back and edit the story post with why this story is awesome and others are not as much.

Overall, you present a range of appealing art and development in your skills base, however the link between all of the different aspects of your project require further illustration within your documentation.

Not sure what this means. Note to self: ask about it.

Overall, the submission demonstrates potential in steady skills development, a range of approaches to art production and development of an interesting concept.  The project could benefit from developing clearer links between practice and theory and by analysing media and influences in further depth, drawing conclusions to connect to practice and vice versa.

Post about more theory. Post more inspirational things like "Alice: Madness Returns" and write about why it inspires me.

The range of art assets that are produced are appealing, however, direction is lacking within the work and this could be further motivated by linking evaluations from each work to tasks to move the project forward.

Solid art direction is a must before continuing any further. Create tasks based on each bit of research I do.

To conclude, this feedback provided the much needed nudge in the right direction for me and illustrated the need to draw conclusions and make connections in the research I am doing. Also it highlighted the importance of evaluating my decisions and linking them back to what it is I found out before I made the decisions in the first place.