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21 February 2013

Good news everyone!

I am officially back in business!

Any problems I might've had in the last few weeks are sorted out and nothing's stopping me from diving headfirst into the project. What is left to do now is simply create, create create.

Last week it was Pitch week for us. I was still fairly busy so instead of preparing a detailed academic presentation I threw together a quick "sales" pitch instead. Lots of picture, excitement and so on.

Unfortunately it was received a lukewarm response from the lecturers. The main points I picked up from the feedback is that they want to see more of my work and they want to see more depth to my research, i.e. what does it mean, how it affects my project and what I think about all this; and finally, they want more research.

Let's break these down.

1. More work: This will happen. Unfortunately I was not able to concentrate on things as much as I usually do due to some personal problems.
2. More depth: I tend to agree with this critique. I tend to gather massive volumes of data and not really do anything with it. This will have to change and perhaps will be reflected in more analysis and evaluation in the blog. Next presentation I aim to make perfect.

The results for my Pre-Production and Concept Development are back as well. I got a C in Pre-Production and B in Concept Development.

I agree with the C. To be honest, I neglected the pre-production part for way too long due to the fact that I wasn't able to pinpoint what exactly they want from me. Since I'm doing pre-production to a video game, how does one do pre-production to pre-production? Perhaps I should have researched that further. I also agree with the B. A long time at the start of the year was spent in chaos, and all this academic research stuff tends to confuse and daze me anyway.

Having reflected on the past week in uni I am glad to announce that starting next week I will be back in Dundee, working my little butt off for the rest of the year. I did some time scales and came up with the following.

Total Weeks Available: 11

Total Deliverables: 18

Week Breakdown

  • Wk1: Prince Ivan and his Weapon Sets
  • Wk2: Sun's Sister, Baba Yaga and the Witch
  • Wk3: Forest/Mountain giants and the Weavers
  • Wk4: Castle before/after and the artifacts
  • Wk5: Mountains, Forest, Weavers' Hut
  • Wk6: Sun Castle, Case Study: Alice Madness Returns
  • Wk7: Dissertation
  • Wk8: Dissertation
  • Wk9: Dissertation
  • Wk10: Dissertation
  • Wk11: Injury Time

Furthermore it includes 1 hour of research and 1 hour of personal development per day.

Optimistically we assume that my working schedule is 8 hours per day apart from Saturday and Sunday. Saturday will have only 4 hours and Sunday is my day off.

It will be very important to take care of myself in the next few months, as the volume of work is pretty huge and and I work during the night on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Sometimes even more often.

There is also day by day breakdown but that's too long to post it here. It basically consists of gathering reference for painting, sketching and thumbnailing, final sketch and final painting. One painting can be done in 1.5 days. The rest is up for research and personal development.

Let's get this motherfucker!

PS: I also need to submit an exposition form and resubmit ethics form; all those things I completely forgot about.