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26 February 2013

Prince Ivan Thumbnails

This week I should have the main character, Prince Ivan, finished and dusted. I am aiming for a medieval Slavic look. The character is a young prince and a warrior, and the design should reflect that. As cliche as it sounds, Ivan has to look troubled by his past and deathly tired. The story is about facing your destiny and avenging your family and kingdom.

In these thumbnails I am playing around with various settings and ideas. He could be a classic medieval warrior prince, but what if this fantasy setting could be powered by strange magics and elements of other genres can be present in the designs?

As the development goes on, we shall find out.

Before continuing any further it is important to plug the gaping gap of enormous proportions in my artistic knowledge of how to pain faces. Faces are pretty important for any character. So let's do some studies!