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22 March 2013

Perseption of Female Beauty in Games

Due to illness not a lot of posting was done in the last week. Let's change that.

Following our talk on big women in the crit I decided to explore that path. After doing some research, I agree that the standard "sexy" female image in video games is a tale as old as time and is getting outdated with the ever growing demographic of female gamers. The first and most famous example of the "sexy" in video games is the Lara Croft franchise, which launched in 1996 and revolutionised video games in terms of how female characters are seen and designed. There is a body of evidence online that supports the argument that the "sexy" perception of women in video games is dated. Here are two examples. One is an IGN article on the Lara Croft series that explains the various design choices and that impact it had on the public's perception of female beauty in video games. The other is a Geeksaresexy article named "Why Video Game Designers Are Missing The Mark With Women" which describes how female demographic suffers due to the over sexualisation of women in video games.

"Woman in cyberculture is primarily created and represented by men, leaving women less and less interested in cyberculture artifacts. Female pleasure machines and haglike monsters proliferate digital culture; there are now more female protagonists in popular computer games, for example, than in cinema and these protagonists are prone to rigid styles of representation based on men's fantasies"

Booth, A. 2002. Reload: Rethinking Women + Cyberculture. Cambride, MA: MIT Press.

However, since my project is about the use of Slavic aesthetic, folklore and mythology in concept design, and as outlined by the critical framework proposed in semester one, this topic falls outside the scope of my project. Thus I will not be looking into it any further.