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10 March 2013

Weapon Sets

Today I worked on some weapon sets for our prince, as well as the final version of the prince himself. Here are the images.

The weapon skins are available from different areas of the game and reflect an element of the story. As Ivan travels to the deepest part of the forest to find Baba Yaga he will pick up the swamp rifle. As he reaches the witch sister the witched weapon becomes available. For the final battle he receives the sun skin and for the final showdown with the witch the dark weapon becomes available. The different weapon skins were inspired by Alice: Madness Returns.

Also I present to you the final sketch of Prince Ivan.

In retrospect from now on I will not create a black and white sketch first. I will go straight into painting with light. There are a few reasons to that. First of all, it eliminates an extra step and thus takes a lot less time. Secondly, when using an overlay layer for colours the colours turn out washed out and the values don't appear as good as on the black and white sketch. Finally, the second method produces more interesting and impressive results, like can be seen on the weapon skins.

Creating the weapon sets first was an extremely good idea because now I have a general aesthetic for each character and location clear in my mind. For example the Sun castle will be painted in greys and blues, with an accent of warm colour to represent the raw power of the elements and strong character. The swamp will be nauseous green, the witch castle will be mysteriously purple and the final showdown will be painted in black and red, like a volcano.