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5 March 2013

Prince Ivan

Still adjusting to having a bike back in my life. The weekend was spent riding around Dundee with complete disregard to freezing cold.

In any case, over the weekend I had a chance to play Stacking by Double Fine and absolutely fell in love with the Russian aesthetic in that. I also dug up an ancient image from a time long gone. Back in 2nd year I worked on a concept for a game set on a different planet far in the future. The game was a mix of traditional sci-fi and a Napoleonic historical drama.

The image above is a mock up. A composite of two screenshots (Guild Wars and Killzone) and a model gun found on eBay.

It was obvious that my early sketches started to lean slowly towards traditional fantasy, and that is the last thing I want. I want to adjust the setting to appeal to contemporary audiences, and contemporary audiences tend to see traditional fantasy as a cliche (check out this list of Everyone's Most Hated Fantasy Fiction Cliches for more detail). Also, by shifting the time period a little we are presented with more variety of weapons the main character can use and interact with. Everything from canons to more industrial gadgets, like a walking mech suit, if it comes down to that.

So here is a sketch of Ivan, which with some work done to it will become the final one.

As you can see Prince Ivan is sporting a Napoleonic Russian Hussar coat, as discussed in the previous post.

However, I am a picky art director. Probably the kind that will be hated by all employees in the future. I am still not happy with it. The sketch doesn't portray the personality of the character. He is a well traveled, beaten by the fates, homeless man who suffered the destruction of his entire kingdom. He would probably be practical and weary looking, as shown in the portraits in this post.