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11 March 2013

Sun's Sister Final Sketch

Here we go. Having taken into account critique from Ryan I thought about her in detail. What does she like for breakfast? What do gods like to eat anyway? So I present to you the Sun's Sister, or Dawn. In Slavic mythology she is the youngest daughter of the sun god Dazhbog. Nothing else is known about her so I allowed myself to add some interesting character traits for her.

Her archetype is the healer. She is the first light after a long night, she is the gentle summer morning, she is gentle, yet strong, proving protection and hope to what is dear to her.

Today I finally got a scanner, so here we are, a decent scan of my work. The futuristic looking thing on her front is the sun pattern from the weapon sets, just to tie in the design into the general aesthetic of the Sun Castle.

Here are some references I used for this drawing.