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12 March 2013

Sun's Sister WIP

After scanning in the artwork I put it into Photoshop onto a layer of its own, set the layer to Multiply (70% opacity) and started to paint underneath.

Here is the result after 4 hours.

Here are the previous steps. The reason I'm doing it this way is so you get a nice thumbnail on the main page.

2 hours in:

At this stage I am establishing lighting and local colours with large, sweeping strokes. Things are very rough looking and the linework is still visible.

And 3 hours in:

Here the linework is gone, the colours are finalised and it is safe to move into detailing. The arm looks a bit weird, so time to fix it a bit. Another hour passes and we end up with the first image in this post. There is still quite a lot to do. I need to make the values really stand out, add highlights, work on small details like patterns and effects. I'd say another hour or two and it'll be finished.

Keep an eye out for the final result tomorrow.