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7 March 2013

Sun's Sister

Today I worked on some initial sketches for the Sun's Sister. As we discussed previously, she will closely resemble Dawn (or Dusk), one of Dazhbog's daughters, since in Slavic mythology the sun deity did not have any sisters and I want the story to connect to mythology behind it.

Also, she has to compliment Prince Ivan, since she is going to be his co-op buddy. She is a strong and would take a lot to lose her cool. However when she does, he temper flares up like the sun and takes a long time to subside. These character traits are there to represent the slow raise of the sun at dawn and its slow disappearance at dusk. Obviously, she is a goddess and must reflect that other-worldliness in the design. Without further ado, I present to you the final design for Dawn. I do apologise for the poor quality of the image. I will get it scanned in properly when I get a chance and update the post.

Let's look at the process. To start with I wanted to get all the cliche ideas out of my system. To do this I switched off my mind and started doodling.

Then, some patterns started to emerge. I ditched the Russian traditional head dress in favour of a more military look. I also experimented with a younger version of the character however with time constraints, did not pursue the design further.

Finally warmed up I pushed the military design further, ending up with the following results.

I absolutely loved the white eyed portrait I doodled and decided to use it in the final design. The reasoning and inspiration behind the choice to push her into a more military style came from the idea that Dawn can be thought of as the messenger of the sun. Appearing, leading the sun's warriors in their first charge.

Here are some images I used as reference or found inspiring.

Some nice reference for drawing female body in the comic book style

I love tank girl. All that detail is interesting and the anatomy is accurate.

Russian Hussar coat of 1812

More reference for drawing female characters
Tomorrow I will finish the pencil drawing and paint her.