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9 March 2013

Supervisor Meeting and Final Ivan Sketch

Yesterday I spoke to Ryan about my project. I raised a few concerns about how I am juggling work, motorcycle lessons and honours and get roughly 6 hours of sleep a night. Uni is always a priority, of course. He said that thing ain't gonna get better, only worse. So it's time to bite the bullet and do some work.

I am now considering narrowing down the scope of the project to only 3 main characters, some props and a few locations, rather than doing the full cast and all the environments. It is still a huge body of work, but also achievable in the 3 months that are left of the year.

We spent the hour chatting about the main character and how he would fit into the game. The Sun's Sister was also discussed and I am now back at the drawing board with her. She has to compliment the hardened prince with her gentleness and otherwordly god like presence.

The coloured sketch you saw in the previous post is too complicated to be the main character, who has to be sort of plain looking for the audience to project as much as possible onto him. Those are Ryan's words, which I thought about and produced this sketch.

Absolute not at all finished yet, but getting there. I like his plainness, his weary gaze and almost lanky proportions. He is but a boy who is forced to see too much horror in his life. He will have nothing but a pair of torn shoes, a rusty sword and a bag of food. This is the darker direction I am going into and I'm loving it. Things sort of clicked into place.