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1 March 2013

The return of the bike

I had a whole day set aside for nothing but work. I was going to do a final sketch of Prince Ivan and start on painting.


My bike returned from service, all shiny and clean. Considering that the last time I rode was over two months ago, I was overwhelmed with the urge to go out and ride until it ran out of petrol. So nothing got done.

Here is a sketch I did in the morning. It's extremely loose, but it gives you a general idea of how things will look like later on. I changed the design slightly to fit with the idea of him being a prince. He has more ornaments on his clothes, riding trousers and boots and an overcoat which was popular with Russian Hussars in Imperial Russia. I am aware that I'm doing a lot of time period jumping here, but that's what I've been wanting to do since the start, so all is part of the process and exploration.

Tomorrow I'll get on the actual painting. Promise! A personal note to Ryan Locke. I'm sorry I wasn't there at 1500 today. I was somewhere between here and Perth doing dangerous things on a motorcycle.