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15 March 2013

Crit 2013

This is the presentation I made as part of my crit session this semester. A lot of work has been done since Pitch and this is an excellent way to summarize it.

The theme of the presentation was "working on feedback" and I went over what has changed since the last time. I skimmed over the critical framework and the list of literature. Skimming over these topics was a mistake and it was commented upon.

The structure was also mentioned. It would've been a lot more beneficial to put the list of inspirations and processed before the showing the final result, and not the other way round like I did. Also more in depth exploration of the topic and really interesting cultural nuances would've been great.

My greatest failing today way forgetting that what is painfully obvious in my head is not necessarily obvious to the people I'm presenting to. A lot of comments included phrases like, "It would've been nice to see the process" or "Where did that thing come from?".

Some suggestions were also given. Like making the Sun's Sister fat and exploring the peasant art motifs more in my work. These mostly deal with things that concerned the peasant class at the time: harvests, passing armies, seasons, hunting etc.

For my final presentation, the one I present to people that are not familiar with the project I will need to go a lot more in depth and explain a lot more.

Overall it was a pleasant experience. I know they are being critical because they love me. But seriously, the criticisms received today were helpful in identifying my weak points and preparing me for the big presentation later in the year.