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26 April 2013


Long time no post! The title of this post is also the explanation why I didn't post for a while.

I'm really looking forward to getting back to painting and posting here.


12 April 2013

Sun Castle Final

So this is the final render of the sun castle. In reality it's an A3 size file ready to print for the exposition!

Kinda proud of it :)

One revision, based on some feedback online.

9 April 2013

Sun Castle WIP

This is definitely taking shape.

I think what needs to be done in the next session is to continue rendering the painting. Still not details, but just refine it more. Also atm it looks a bit too washed out. I will work on making the dark bits darker and the light bits lighter. Also need to add more colour and sort out the shadow part of the painting. At the moment it's too blue.

That's it for today though. I need to get dinner and get ready for work.

Tomorrow I will also talk a little bit more about the process involved and how colour and lighting can be used to achieve emotion in paintings.


Sun Castle Sketch

Today I started looking at the Sun's Castle. Here are some of the criteria I am working with.

  • It is on the edge of the world
  • Must follow Slavic architecture rules (i.e. round towers, onion domes, ornaments etc.)
  • Must follow the general aesthetic established in the Sun's Sister and weapon designs.
First of all, I realised that a castle in my mind looks sort of childish. It was time for some visual research! Here are a few images that inspired me and gave me interesting ideas.

Chasseurs de dragons. Bac Films. 2008.
Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspain. Disney. 2008
Novgorod, St. Petersburg District, Russian Federation.
Chasseurs de dragons. Bac Films. 2008.
Fable 2 Concept Art. Liongate Studios. 2008.

It's been a while, I'm following Ryan's advice and this week doing nothing but sketching and practical work. Leaving the dissertation out for a week.

So here's a sketch:

This is just a simple sketch from last night. I will work on it more today and tomorrow. Hopefully finish it tomorrow as well.


6 April 2013

Dare 2013

This year I'm applying to Dare to be Digital again. This time round the game idea is to produce an augmented reality first person fighting game. It is going to be stylistically similar things like Castle Crushers, Adventure Time and Fat Princess. A lot of colourful, cartoony stuff. From the gameplay side of things, characters start on two sides of a American football style map filled with all sorts of debris. The player can move about using an analogue stick on screen and turn about using the phone itself.

Here's a video we made.

5 April 2013

Yet Another Supervisor Meeting

Today I met with my supervisor. I talked about my dissertation, that I have so much stuff I can write about it's becoming a little bit too big. I haven't done my interview or the case study yet and it's already at almost 5000 words. I guess there are no standardized length for a dissertation, and the handbook clearly states that it has to be 6000 words minimum. Therefore that implies that it can be bigger. I'm not too worried about that part.

What I am worried however is the lack of practical work that I've been doing recently. Therefore I am going to take a week off writing the dissertation and do some more painting.

I also have to review my lit review and methodology, and make sure I plan the case study very well. It has the potential to become a very large one, thus it is important to make sure that everything is relevant. So for example, I will not do a catalog of all the festival and burial right for example, but I will concentrate on how burial gown would look on a character. Stuff like that.

Anyway, here is a study I did in preparation for designing the castle. It is a castle somewhere in Lithuania, if I am not mistaken. Sorry for the random guy in the corner. I tried adding something of my own into the picture, and it just didn't work out.