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9 April 2013

Sun Castle Sketch

Today I started looking at the Sun's Castle. Here are some of the criteria I am working with.

  • It is on the edge of the world
  • Must follow Slavic architecture rules (i.e. round towers, onion domes, ornaments etc.)
  • Must follow the general aesthetic established in the Sun's Sister and weapon designs.
First of all, I realised that a castle in my mind looks sort of childish. It was time for some visual research! Here are a few images that inspired me and gave me interesting ideas.

Chasseurs de dragons. Bac Films. 2008.
Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspain. Disney. 2008
Novgorod, St. Petersburg District, Russian Federation.
Chasseurs de dragons. Bac Films. 2008.
Fable 2 Concept Art. Liongate Studios. 2008.

It's been a while, I'm following Ryan's advice and this week doing nothing but sketching and practical work. Leaving the dissertation out for a week.

So here's a sketch:

This is just a simple sketch from last night. I will work on it more today and tomorrow. Hopefully finish it tomorrow as well.