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5 April 2013

Yet Another Supervisor Meeting

Today I met with my supervisor. I talked about my dissertation, that I have so much stuff I can write about it's becoming a little bit too big. I haven't done my interview or the case study yet and it's already at almost 5000 words. I guess there are no standardized length for a dissertation, and the handbook clearly states that it has to be 6000 words minimum. Therefore that implies that it can be bigger. I'm not too worried about that part.

What I am worried however is the lack of practical work that I've been doing recently. Therefore I am going to take a week off writing the dissertation and do some more painting.

I also have to review my lit review and methodology, and make sure I plan the case study very well. It has the potential to become a very large one, thus it is important to make sure that everything is relevant. So for example, I will not do a catalog of all the festival and burial right for example, but I will concentrate on how burial gown would look on a character. Stuff like that.

Anyway, here is a study I did in preparation for designing the castle. It is a castle somewhere in Lithuania, if I am not mistaken. Sorry for the random guy in the corner. I tried adding something of my own into the picture, and it just didn't work out.