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1 May 2013

Hellboy: Darkness Calls

I stumbled across this gem while procrastinating. I mean, er, researching Russian folklore. Regardless, turns out Mike Migonla wrote a Hellboy story, with illustrations by Duncan Fedrego, set in Russia. It features an engaging plot that blends elements of supernatural and Russian folklore. Also featured are some of the archetypal characters. It is extremely interesting to see Mignola's portrayal of them, and Fedrego's designs. This is the first comic I've seen that deals with elements of Russian culture and creates a fantastic world, yet staying true to the source.

Here are some pages from the comic.

Leshii, the spirit of the forest. Its protector.

Baba Yaga and some sweet Russian architecture. Imperial imagery also, which doesn't quite fit, but definitely adds atmosphere. 
Perun, the highest god in Slavic pantheon. The god of thunder and lighting.

I don't know how I didn't come across this before but this is beautiful. If this peaked your interest in all things Russian, the full comic can be found here. 

Until next time!