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8 May 2013

Personal Development

I wish to bring the personal development section of my honours project to a solid conclusion. Especially since not a lot of posting was done in the blog in the last few months. That is due to me concentrating on the final project.

So to conclude, over the past year I've identified the following gaps in my skill.

  • Lack of traditional art education. Full understanding of the aesthetic elements and art history.
  • Lack of understanding of animal anatomy
  • Lack of understanding of human anatomy and especially faces
  • Must broaden my knowledge of common digital painting techniques, as at the moment I am limited to just a few.
  • Lack of a strong visual library and strong experiences to draw from
  • Lack of understanding of industrial design
  • Lack of understanding of design in general
In the blog you will find the steps I took to overcome these problems. For example, I bought Colour and Light by James Gurney to really understand how light affects colour and the other way round. I drew on inspiration from various art books over the past year. The Art of Judge Dredd and the Hole of Tank Girl are some examples. I also now have a subscription to Imagine FX magazine. This deals with the understanding of techniques and understanding of design and aesthetics.

To expand my visual library and gain experience I traveled. In the past year I've been to Lithuania, Latvia and Morocco. I also traveled a lot around Scotland on my motorcycle. The views, especially heading North from Dundee are pretty stunning. Castles, rivers, hills and forests, all stimulate the imagination and have an magical atmosphere I sometimes try to invoke in my paintings.

Finally, to raise my understanding of animal anatomy, human anatomy and faces, I have a dedicated sketchbook full of life drawings and sketches I made on my travels. Some of these can be found in this blog, some are not scanned in yet. I will however submit everything together.

Thus comes to a close my final year at university.

Thank you, and goodnight.