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10 December 2013

Zbrush Anatomy Study

Guys! Guys! Whoever is reading this! Yes, you! Get out and get this DVD right now! It's awesome!

But seriously, I learned more in the 3 hours of watching this DVD than in all 4 years of studying. Yes, yes, I know, self study and such. Doesn't make this DVD any less awesome though.

So here is my result. I'm kinda proud of it, even though there are huge problems cleverly hidden by lighting and rendering. I will do better next time. It's all about mileage.

So here's the breakdown. Here it is in Zbrush, you can see how weird her elbow is bent and that I didn't really pay much attention to her legs:

Here she is in 3D Coat. Funny how if you paint textures properly they look like an actual painting.

And finally, rendered in Modo. I absolutely fell in love with it. Easy interface, great looking renders. In an hour I know how to do a basic lighting set up and subsurface scattering. Nothing much to show for that though. Just your standard lighting set up. However, check out that subsurface scattering! And bewbs. Obviously.

Looking at it now I see a lot of mistakes. Random bulges that shouldn't be there, and other such things. I'm planning to do another, proper, one over the weekend.

One last thing, no apologies for the lack of NSFW tag. It's an anatomy study. If you're offended, I'm not sure what you were expecting.