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23 March 2014

Creative Workshop: the ABCs

The second exercise in the creative workshop book was creating a typeface out of everyday objects. Some students threw their clothes on the floor, some used different liquids (coffee, tea, toothpaste) to create theirs. I however got a bit stuck and instead of 120 minutes designated for idea generation I spent 20 minutes brain storming ideas and then left it for 4 days going about my day to day life without thinking too much about it. This approach usually works when you stumble upon something that sparks the idea and it goes, "click! that's it!". Precisely this happened as I was sitting in my kitchen at 7 in the morning trying to figure out why I was awake at this ungodly hour and whether mass homicide is a justifiable cure for sleep deprivation. In any case, I spilled some coffee beans on a table top and it gave me the idea. The essence of design! A designer's soul, muse and god - coffee.

I was lucky in the fact that it was a really nice day outside and I had plenty of natural light coming in from the window. I especially glad my mum allowed me to use her decorated tray for this art experiment.

Here's a gif I made of all the letters.

I do like lazy Sundays.