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15 May 2014

5 Useful Illustration Resources that Totally Saved My Ass

So things very suddenly and very quickly started to go uphill. Since the end of March I've been absolutely swamped with commissions and other work related things. I can't show much at the moment, since it's not finished yet. But instead I will post some interesting links to brushes, tutorials and general resources I found useful in the last few months. Hopefully someone else will find it useful too. Perhaps it is not the most original topic for a blog post ever, if someone out there finds this even a little bit useful - I'm happy.

1. Frenden Brushes

Awesome resource by professional artist and tool designer Frenden. For only five bucks I got a bunch of really great looking pencil brushes.

2. Lazy Nezumi Pro

Ever wanted your lines to be so smooth you want to lie down and have an existential crisis? Well, jokes aside, this little program works with most Adobe products and makes drawing smooth lines super easy. It costs 30 dollars, but well worth it. Especially if you want to do any sort of inking or cartooning.

3. Icon finder

Iconfinder is awesome for when you want to add some custom icons to your blog or are designing something like an infographic or a powerpoint presentation. Some are free and some you have to pay for, but the choice is really pretty massive.

4. Design contracts templates

Completely saved my ass a couple of times when a commission was just dropped on me out of the blue and I had to find a contract for the guy to fill out. Writing one was out of the question so this little page was a real godsend.

5. 500px

This website is an incredible source of inspiration and everyone should check it out. You get some really incredible images on there.

6. BONUS: Butterick's Practical Typography

As someone who knows very little about typography and who tends to just slap Franklin Gothic all caps onto everything and call it finished... this website has changed my life. I now know more about typography more than I knew 2 months ago and this site is the reason. Highly recommended if you're just starting out.

That's it for today, hope this was helpful and I promise to start posting more art soon.